Premium quality soft bristle wheel brush – FLEXIBLE WHEEL BRUSH (LARGE)

Our new Flexible wheel brushes are perfect for tackling those hard-to-reach areas when cleaning your wheels!


  • Full length – 17.5″
  • Handle length – 4.7″
  • Brush length – 9″
  • Non-scratch chemical resistant, nylon bristles
  • Solid construction
  • Solid polymer plastic handle
  • Hard wearing plastic end cap
  • Spare cap included


Introducing our innovative Flexi Wheel Large Spoke Brush! Designed to revolutionise your wheel cleaning routine! This car detailing tool has been designed to meticulously clean every angle of your wheels. Our compact yet powerful brush effortlessly reaches the most intricate and challenging spots of your wheels and wheel arches.

Gone are the days when you spend far too long cleaning your car’s wheels. Our large spoke brushes make cleaning even the most complex of wheel designs easy. Our large Flexi wheel spoke brush boasts a size that’s tailor-made for intricacies, ensuring a comprehensive clean that alternative brushes simply can’t achieve.

Engineered for uncompromising performance, these heavy-duty brushes are equipped with non-scratch nylon bristles. Also designed for longevity, these bristles maintain their form over time. Delivering a consistently effective clean. Their soft yet robust design guarantees that dirt and grime on a variety of wheel types are tackled with precision.



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