Luxe Shampoo & Wax 500ml

Luxury shampoo and wax

Not suitable for matt finishes

Luxe shampoo is an effective shampoo which lifts ingrained dirt. Its highly concentrated formula is designed to give your paintwork a deep clean and leave it streak free Luxe shampoo is wax safe and is ideal for usual washes with the two-bucket method.

How to use:

  • Add 250ml to 10 litres of water
  • Always pre-wash with snow cloud to loosen dirt first
  • Use a smart valeting uk’s wash mitt soak in before applying to the body work
  • Wash the body work from the top to bottom of each panel ensuring regular rinses of the mitt.
  • Rinse down with fresh water using hose or pressure washer add Blue Banana rinse wax and repeat the rinse for an extra gloss.

Bottle size: 500ml


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