Car-Chem G&T Glue & Tar Remover

Car-Chem’s G&T is a highly effective glue and tar remover.

Formulated for direct removal of tar or glue from your car’s bodywork. This product is a great tool for detailers, professionals and beginners alike. Using a good glue and tar remover makes paintwork decontamination easy.

G&T can also be used to remove any wax or sealant from your vehicles’ paintwork; perfect for starting afresh.

Warning: This product should only be used on your vehicle’s exterior. DO NOT use on any other surfaces.

How to Use:
• Spray G&T directly to the area you wish to treat.
• Allow to soak in for up to 1 minute.
• Wipe with a clean, dry microfibre cloth

Top Tip:
Agitate with a detailing brush for a deeper clean.

Sizes: 500ml, 1litre, 5litre


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