Chocolate Delight Ceramic Wax 100ml

Chocolate Delight  is our new ceramic wax; delivering outstanding protection for your vehicles paintwork.

Developed by smart Valeting uk chocolate Delight Ceramic Wax uses the latest technology. This high-grade ceramic wax contains the most premium grades of carnauba waxes. Which provides excellent protection and hydrophobic. Chocolate Delight also contains of course ceramic. Combined within a natural non-harmful Chocolate Delight is easy to use giving great results by protecting your vehicle’s bodywork from contamination.

How To Use:

  • Clean your vehicle and decontaminate the paintwork thoroughly.
  • Apply Chocolate Delight with a foam or sponge applicator pad, in small circular motions, one panel at a time.
  • Allow Chocolate Delight to haze and buff using a clean microfibre cloth.

Top Tip:

Apply in a shaded area. For maximum protection, do not drive your vehicle for 24 hours after application. Chocolate Delight can also be used on your alloy wheels as a sealant. 

Size: 100ml pot


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