Car-Chem Lockdown Sealant

We are excited to launch our new sealant, Lockdown.

After a very successful sample campaign, we had thousands of valued positive feedbacks from our loyal customers.

Lockdown Sealant is designed to form a glossy protective barrier on car bodywork which will protect paintwork for up to 12 months.

This product easy to apply and remove and offers incredible beading.

How To Use:

  1. Spray Lockdown directly to a polishing pad or ceramic sponge.
  2. Work in a cross hatch motion, one panel at a time.
  3. Allow to cure for approximately 1 minute. Do not let the product fully dry.
  4. Buff using a clean microfibre cloth.

Top Tip:
For an even stronger bond, apply a second coat. Leave at least 1 hour in between coats.

Sizes: 500ml, 1litre, 5litre, 25litre


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